Montgomery 6 foot 8 inch



Beam: 46 1/2 inches
Length: 6 feet 8 inches
Hull: fiberglass, lapstrake
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The Montgomery 6 foot 8 inch is the worlds greatest towing dinghy. I have towed the 6-8 all over the Sea of Cortez, where I do most of my sailing. It tows great behind one of our Montgomery 17s. It tows better than any stem dinghy because of the pram bow and has a high volume/length ratio for the same reason. The 6-8 is an outstanding light-air sail boat. It has two sets of oar sockets and a fore-and-aft rowing seat for adjustment of trim while carrying a passenger or supplies for the mother ship. Beam 46 1/2 inches. Top quality construction.

The Interior finish is gelcoat which will withstand the passage of time and makes bonded repairs simple. All joiner work is solid teak, bonded and then fastened with stainless.

All work is done by hand to the highest standards. This boat is a work of art. Go to prices for ordering information.




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