Montgomery 17

m17 photo 5 Montgomery 17's have cruised the Caribbean, sailed from California to Hawaii and from Cape Hatteras to San Diego via the Panama Canal, and sailed the length of the Mississippi. I, and many others have crossed the Sea of Cortez and have made countless trips to Catalina and the Channel Islands.

The 17 is not a boat for everyone. It is, out of necessity, considerably more expensive than other boats in the size range, and there is a reason for this. The 17 is overbuilt, overengineered, and one of Lyle Hess's very best designs.

It is surprisingly fast, surprisingly stiff, handles like a BMW, and is strong enough to be an icebreaker. The 17 is one of the driest sailboats made regardless of size. It is not a "floating housetrailer"; the money is in fiberglass and hardware. When there is any question about the strength, quality, or suitability of any part, we go to something larger or better. The interior is clean, efficient, needs zero maintenance, and has an abundance of organized and accessible storage, but is not fancy. In short, the Montgomery 17 is made for the critical and demanding sailor.

The 17 is a true keel/centerboarder; the ballast is in the keel and the centerboard is primarily for upwind performance, but is weighted so that it will stay down reliably.

LOA: 17' 2"
LWL: 15' 10"
Beam: 7' 4"
Weight: 1600 lbs.
Draft, board up 1' 9"
.......board down 3'
Sail area: 154 sq. ft.
Displ/Length Ratio: 235
ballast/Displ Ratio: 375
Ballast...all lead: 600 lbs.

Standard Features

Complete Reefing Gear
Forward Hatch
Bow Pulpit
Sheet Winches
Genoa Halyard Winch
Genoa Track
Wire Halyards
Mainsheet Traveler
3 Cockpit Lockers
Teak Toerails
Teak Handrails
Lead Ballast
Sitting Headroom

Interior plan

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